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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

It is another best tool of A to Z to give the best results for crawling a website and show the perfect file with all good works. Robots txt is the file that contains the complete information to crawl the website for Google ranking. Our tool is best to easily find all pages and crawls the website properly to promote and show all errors and downlinks.

Robot txt plays a vital role in SEO and making links to a website. Therefore, this robot txt file is tiny on the website but plays an essential role in ranking and gives a good position of all pages and keywords. For this use, a sitemap and the tool of robot txt to check the file and found it easy to make proper SEO of your website. 

Working Method Robots.txt Generator 

We have a unique tool that helps you crawl your complete website with its all pages and show maximum results to promote the site. So, make a site map, link our Robots.txt generator and make fully functional results of all files from all search engines. It crawls down the website and makes a proper position and shows the best work without any problem. You can also crawl your robot's TXT file without a sitemap and cover all errors and issues in the duplicate content and pages. The robot text file mainly shows the error due to the website's exact content and does not give good results for its promotion of the site.
Overall, our A to Z tool of robot txt generator works to create the complete file, and we have an option to save the file directly from our site. This tool gives all accurate results without any troubleshoot and is entirely free without any limit. Thus try to check the device and use it for finding all robots txt file easily.